Lexus x 100 Thieves Revealed: Backseat Gaming IRL ft. Valkyrae, Fuslie & More

Fuslie, Enable, Valkyrae, and Yassuo embark in one of the craziest content house a car? On this episode of the 100 Thieves Content House videos, the 100T creators attempt to guess trivia with a twist, they will be playing in a Valorant deathmatch at the same. That’s not all though because there’s ANOTHER twist, they’re doing all of this inside the Lexus Gamers’ IS, the first-of-its-kind gaming vehicle (a custom 2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport)! In order to win, they will have to get the best combination of kills/trivia questions correct as they play on the Gamers’ IS built-in PC. Who do you think has the best gaming and trivia skills to win this onee-of-a-kind challenge? SUBSCRIBE: We’re excited to announce Lexus as the official luxury auto partner of 100 Thieves! #100Thieves #Valkyrae #Announcement #Lexus #Yassuo #Enable #Fuslie #Challenge #React #Reaction #Valorant #100TContentHouse #Gameplay #Competition
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