😈 Art THEFT vs art STUDIES + Is it stealing?

Tutorials/Templates/Brushes - Twilight Monk Game on Steam- Ebay (signed books and original art) - Books Merch - Discord = Trents Gaming channel - Is it okay to use reference for your art? When is it stealing? Is it okay to steal art? Did the master painters steal art? Did they cheat? Is digital art cheating? All of these questions... AND more will be answered! Twitter- Cubebrush tutorials - Equipment I use- PO BOX - Aquatic Trent 26895 Aliso Creek Rd, B1031 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 Intro song #1 = “Salgre“ by Jimmy Fontanez Intro song #2 = “Blue Moon“ by JVNA Games I’ve worked on - Fortnite (Environment concept art) Overwatch (Environment concept art Sprays artwork) League of Legends (Character des
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