Kenya Grace - Strangers (Official Lyric Video)

Listen to ’Strangers’ here: Follow Kenya Grace: @kenyagracebaby @kenyagracebaby/ Credits: Director: Ben Hanning Shot by Julius Gutierrez Color by Julius Gutierrez Edit by Ben Hanning Production Company: SPACEHRTS Lyrics: It always ends the same when it was me and you but every time I meet somebody new its like de ja vu I swear they sound the same Its like they know my skin every word they say sounds just like him and it goes like this we’ll get in ur car and you’ll lean to kiss me we’ll talk for hours and lie on the back seat Uh huh uh huh Then one random night when everything changes You wont reply and we’ll go back to strangers Uh huh uh huh it’s something that I hate how everyones disposable now every time I date somebody new I
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