UFO over Carnegie, Oklahoma.

Detailed description: “I would like to preface this with the fact that I’m 30 years old I work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico so I drive 12 hours to work and I’m on a ship for 30 days I return for 2 weeks just north of Lawton OK where I reside. I don’t believe in aliens I’m a Christian so the idea of other life seemed unlikely but that aside I cannot deny what I seen/filmed. February 23 2021 I was home playing an online game when I took a break to go outside (I live by a lake pretty secluded so I go outside for number 1 you can figure that out) and while doing my business I happened to be looking at the clear sky looking at the classic Oklahoma sky when I noticed a star much brighter than any I’d ever seen. At first I thought maybe a planet but before I could even finish the thought it moved. I don’t have perfect eye sight unless I have my contacts in (Just after this I was required to do a physical for my job which included a vision test 20/20 with contacts) and I was wearing them so I could clearly
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