I can’t animate Kirby First you draw a circle... give up already. #Shorts If you would like to see more videos like these, please subscribe - it really means a lot. ➤Twitter: (you are obgliated to follow me) ➤Discord: (If this link doesn’t work use the link on my latest video) ➤Soundcloud: ➤Tiktok: @i_winxd (yes, I have fallen. forgive me.) ➤Instagram: ➤FAQ: ➤Patreon: ➤PATRON LIST ($2 ): Anoyth Saghetti DiscordedMuffins Today, I speedrun not drawing kirby in the any% category, but not modeling / modelling kirby in 3D category, I tried animating Kirby using Adobe Animate, which used to be called Adobe Flash. I will never become an animator. Webcam footage (the guy on the top right or the top left): Audio: • DO NOT RE-UPLOAD OR REPOST MY VIDEOS ON OTHER SITES (unless it follows the guidelines in my FAQ, or stated otherwise elsewhere. Just gotta scare away the freebooters) • This video was edited by me! All captions (if there are any) were done by me. Want to shoot me a message? Use my Twitter DMs. Some of my videos contain extremely fast motion.
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