just take my wallet | vent pmv

due to some recent shit that’s gone down in my life, i decided to make a vent pmv to help yes every color has a meaning, the red cat with antenna represents me. feel free to not read on if you doy wish to know the specifics. to the cats represented with a red and orange: i love you both, and i’m so sorry we have to go through this. we will meet up one day and have fun like we originally planned, and we will become stronger than we were before all of this happened. to the cat represented by green: i know you said we’re all still friends, but it really doesn’t feel that way. when you decide to come back to us, we’ll be waiting with open arms. we love you unconditionally, no matter what. to the cats represented in dark colors: what you said was hurtful. you hurt me and all of my friends’ feelings, and i don’t care if you were joking because it still hurt. i hope you can continue leaving us the frick alone, and overcome how hateful you are. thank you
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