Bushcraft shelter from 200 tree poles: Solo Build Without Nails in the WILD

I’m building a bushcraft shelter with a bed alone in the woods without using nails. Collect, processed and used in the construction 200 pieces of tree poles (190 visible and 10 underground). I use such hand tools: wood drill, ax, hand saw and cordless saw. Take for building only a couple of meters of rope. The video shows the construction of the shelter from start to finish In the evening, I lit a fire, brewed tea from dried berries, cooked a steak and red spicy sauce). I took my sleeping gear with me, but I changed my mind about spending the night in the woods without a door in the shelter (I was scared) Location - forest in the Carpathians Difficulty - uneven ground (mountain) Advantage - wild, ancient and dense forest with a lot of dead wood Build time of my bushcraft camp is a secret (for me it was a very long time, but I liked it) The result is not final (I’m not just thinking about the waterproof roof and doors, but also about strengthening the entire structu
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