Special - King And Queen At Police College (1951)

Coventry. LS. Coventry. LV. King and Queen walking across square to Godiva statue. SV. Small child between policemen waving flag. SV. King talking to the Mayor of Coventry. Elevated, royal party inspecting Godiva statue. LV. Ground shot. SV. King and Queen talking to Mayor and Mayoress. GV. Coventry, pan down to gutted Cathedral, King and Queen inspecting. SV. King talking to Dr Gorton, Bishop of Coventry. LV. Elevated, King and Queen looking at plans for new cathedral. SV. Elevated, King, Queen and Bishop looking at plans. CU. Queen talking to clergy. GV. Elevated, royal party in shell of Cathedral - skid pan. LV. Police guard of honour. SV. Towards and pan, King George VI inspecting guard of honour. SCU. Two police women. SV. King talking to police woman. CU. Pan, two police officers. SV. King inspecting policemen, stops to speak to officer. CU. Malayan police officer. SCU. King talking to Malayan police officers. CU. Malayan police officer. LV. Police dogs on parade. SV. King, Queen Elizabeth (late
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