Lawren feat. WHATUPRG & Ty Brasel - Slums

“Slums is the first single off of Lawren’s third project titled “As You Pass, Go“. The project itself is about dying to our sin as followers of Christ and going into our neighboring versions of “Judea“ and “Samaria“ as Jesus has commanded us to do. Lawren’s reality was that he was from an area of Miami, Florida that some would refer to as the “slums“. Having lived through it himself, he can speak to the challenges of living in these types of environments. Lawren feels a unique calling to share the hope of Jesus with those who grew up in these same environments, those whom some churches have either forgotten or find they can’t relate to. The song has a double meaning as well. Lawren is proud of where he came from and that is what Slums embodies. WHATUPRG crafted the hook alongside Lawren, displaying WHATUPRG’s undoubtable swagger and confidence. Slums came out of the relationship that WHATUPRG and Lawren built while Lawren lived in Atlanta.“ Pre-order the EP on iTunes and get “Slums“ instantly:
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