MECHA - the love letter to our youth. Watching anime classics as kids left a mark that stayed with us to this day. So we felt it’s due to time to celebrate our love to mecha and pay proper homage with this piece we did for Youtube. Both me and Ash had absolute blast making this piece happen. It required blood sweat and tears and breaking many walls to make sure all pieces fall into their place. We would like to thank the team at Youtube for trusting us with this project and specifically Jason Sao Bento for bringing the project to us and trusting us to do it right. Be sure to keep an eye out for this feature on Youtube to celebrate the YouTube countdown for premier features. Don’t forget to visit both mine and Ash’s website for exclusive behind scenes, screenshots and more information about the project. Much love. MK AT Credits: Director Design - Maciej Kuciara & Ash Thorp 2D Animation - Alasdair Willson Score - Aeph
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