My 2 Year Natural Body Transformation | Calisthenics (14-16)

Группа с музыкой для тренировок FOLLOW ME: Instagram: My Workout Programs: dinokovacsw@ SUBSCRIBE: My 2 Year Natural Body Transformation | Calisthenics (14-16) Getting a career ending injury at the age of 14. I refused to quit so I decided to get stronger as much as I can so I can overcome the unbelievably hard surgery and recovery. I truly gave my all every single day both physically and mentally. I was 100% prepared for the surgery only to hear that my ultimate goal of everything, has failed. That I can’t return to any contact sports let alone pro football due to high chance of re-injuring again and again. I was devastated and left alone to pick up the broken pieces. This was my journey from losing my childhood dream to creating a totally new dream and end goal of my life. Therefore, this wasn’t j
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