Fabulous Vienna (Wien) between ca. 1905 and 1915 in color! [A.I. enhanced & Colorized]

In this film we visit Vienna (officially called “Wien“), the capital of Austria, before or around WW-I. The source of the B&W film states that this was filmed around 1920, but many viewers have now commented that it must be earlier in view of the fashion, uniforms and lack of cars. So the title has now been amended to show “between ca. 1905 and 1915“. The film shows Vienna’s beautiful city center with its magnificent buildings, daily life, its characteristic old trams, a floral parade by vintage cars and beautiful horse-drawn carriages, parks and streets as it was over a century ago. At the end of the film we also visit Vienna’s famous race course (“Trabfahren“) and witness a parade by the local garrison. For more information, please refer to the (draft) timeline below. This very old film has been motion-stabilized, speed-corrected, restored to best ability, enhanced and colorized. For this purpose, sophisticated modern video software was used, based on Artificial Intelligence. Please note that the original
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