Raio & sophie sôfrēē - Adi Shakti (Temple Step Project Remix)

Stream/Download: Literally translated as the “First Power,“ the Adi Shakti mantra honors the feminine force of creation. Raio and sophie sôfrēē offer their beautiful interpretation of this mantra supported by Raio’s deeply refined production and instrumentation. It is a journey across dusky landscapes, featuring native flute, kamel’ngoni, handpan, deep percussion, and a touch of african blues guitar. The EP features the original track and a pair of incredible remixes by Temple Step Project and Jungle Kitchen. Temple Step takes a lush-and-deep approach for his remix, layering eastern melodies, downtempo breakbeats, and silky subs to create a space for the divine feminine to truly flow and express. Jungle Kitchen offers a more steady tribal vibe, with solid slow house beats, gently growling bass, and masterfully chopped vocals. This mantra is used to tune us into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to the primal, prot
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