Dune 1984 Alternative Edition Redux

I do not hold any rights to the film, nor’ the fan edit what so ever. All rights are reserved to the creators of Dune (1984) and the fan Spice Diver. ***DUNE (1984) THE ALTERNATIVE EDITION REDUX - Notes by Spicediver*** FANEDIT RELEASED: July 2012 RUNNING TIME: 178 minutes AVAILABILITY: AVI, MP4, DVD-9 (double layer) SUBTITLES: English & Spanish available at MORE INFO: DISCLAIMER Fanedits are not for sale and provided under fair-use provisions for the sole purpose of discussion, exposition and education. Please support the artists and buy the original DVDs. ABOUT THIS FANEDIT A film that’s been admired, hated and puzzled-over in fairly equal amounts, writer/director David Lynch’s ambitious 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel gets an extensive fanediting treatment in Dune The Alternative Edition Redux. This is my third and final cut of an edit I first released in 2008 and again in 2
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