Woman Died Of Sepsis; Traveled To A Different Planet And Saw An Unusual Species (NDE)

🙏 Join our YouTube membership and help us get stories from around the globe 👉 ⭐ Today’s NDE afterlife experience is from El Serumaga. After entering into a coma, to El’s surprise, she entered a number of different places she never knew existed as well. Different dimensions, an entirely different planet, El learned how powerful being present in every moment is and how truly expanse our universe is. Check Out More From El 👉 #neardeathexperience #neardeathexperiences #nde 🔴 LISTEN TO THE SHOW (PODCAST) iTunes: Spotify: 🎧 LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEWER’S PODCAST ETHEREALITY BY NELLA ✨ iTunes: Spotify: ▶ SUBMIT AN NDE 🎵 LISTEN TO SKYLINE YouTube: • The Redactions - Skyline Spotify: Apple Music: Join our Community 👍 Facebook : Tiktok: @theothersiden... Instagram : Website : Keep a lookout for our newsletter - Coming soon! Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the availability of our videos in multiple languages. Simply click on the links below to enjoy our content in the language that resonates with you. 🇪🇸 Spanish : @theotherside... 🇫🇷 French : @theotherside... ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎵BACKGROUND MUSIC licensed through AudioJungle & Epidemic Sound 🎥FOOTAGE licensed through VideoBlocks and Filmpac, except parts about the topic that have been used under fair use. Disclaimer: This video is taken from an interview by us and our channel, not taken from another channel, and it is all original content.
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