If Genshin Impact is an otome game | Childe X Lumine

Check description below please before you ask in the comments~ DO NOT CROP WATERMARK!!!!!!!!! I PLACED THE WATERMARK ABOVE FOR BETTER VIEWER EXPERIENCE. DONT WAIT UNTIL I HAVE TO PLACE IT IN THE MIDDLE JUST SO YOU CANT CROP THEM ANYMORE 😠 (Read rules for reposting below 😠) ANTI/HATE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED/BLOCKED. So it will be useless if you comment one :D so go away now shoo shoo :D credits: GAME: Genshin Impact Everything was put together with MikuMikuDance Sony Vegas MODEL : miHoYo, 观海 BACKGROUND - miHoYo MME - Hatoon2, PowerShader, Rui, Ikeno ANIMATION - Jaizy (me) MUSIC : Paubaya - Moira Dela Torre [Musicbox Version] by Resounding Things on yt (check it out it’s beautiful: outro: Genshin Impact OST - Rhythms from the Conch VOICE : Ryohei Kimura as Shiraishi in the otome game “Collar x Malice“ (I found this audio on tiktok and downloaded it immediately when I heard it but when I went back they deleted the video already..)(I just learnt that you actua
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