Naruto (OST) Akatsuki Soundtrack Mashup (Suite) (Soundtrack Mix)

I own nothing! All music by Yasuharu Takanashi and Toshiro Masuda, music owned by respective copyright holders. I made this mix quite a while ago but never uploaded it because all my Naruto Shippuden music mixes got blocked but they recently got unblocked, so I thought I would upload this, and it looks like it actually was allowed to be uploaded. This mix, I think, is pretty awesome and puts together all the best themes that, I feel, correlate to the Akatsuki and it’s members. Special thanks to 94lolface, DdFrAnXx, Chhidori, Nick Gostone, and Radu Bilec for providing unreleased music. Here are links to their channels 94lolface - DdRfAnXx - Chhidori - Nick Gostone - Radu Bilec - If you would be interested in listening to more Naruto music, here is a link to a playlist featuring all my Naruto music mixes, which includes mixes for Part 1, Shippuden, the movies, games, and I plan to do Boruto in the future - Here is a fabled track list 0:00 - Saika (Used for Nagato) 2:10 - Senya (Used for Itachi) 4:16 - Road To Ninja soundtrack - Madara (Used for creation of Akatsuki) 5:49 - Akatsuki (This one is pretty self explanatory, it’s literally the Akatsuki theme 7:47 - Stalemate (Used for Diedara) 10:09 - Confronting (Used for Kisame) 12:09 - Naruto Unreleased Soundtrack - Predator (REDONE) - Link 94lolface’s video - (Used for Orochimaru) 15:08 - Naruto OST 2 - Orochimaru’s Theme (Used for Orochimaru) 17:30 - Naruto OST 2 - Orochimaru Fight (Used for Orochimaru) 19:35 - Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds soundtrack - Orochi (Used for Orochimaru) 20:38 - Naruto Shippuden Unreleased Soundtrack - Akatsuki (Choir Only) - Link to 94lolface’s video - 20:58 - Naruto Shippuuden Unreleased Soundtrack - Ritual (no choir) - Link to 94lolface’s video - (Used for Hidan’s ritual on Yugito) 22:25 - Kouen (Used for Hidan) 24:52 - Hidan (This is the actual track name, so I guess this is actually his theme) 26:20 - Yogensha (Used for Hidan) 27:55 - Kakuzu (This is the actual track name) 29:40 - Naruto Shippuden OST 3 - Track 22 - Kakuzu & Susano’o theme - Link to Chhidori’s video - (Used for Kakuzu’s heart monsters) 31:30 - Kokuten (Used for Sasuke and team Taka) 33:41 - Himonji (Used for Diedara) (this theme first appears when Diedara self destructs himself against Sauske, so I like to use it for him) 36:10 - Road to Ninja soundtrack - Madara vs. Naruto (Used for masked man) 38:11 - Zetsu’s Theme (Used for Kabuto) (This theme is first heard when Kabuto summons the edo tensei army, and it’s epic as hell) 40:40 - Naruto Shippuden - Unreleased OST 3 - Angelic Herald of Death ( Full version ) - Link to DdFrAnXx’s video - (Used for Konan) 44:40 - Emergence of Talents (Used for Sasori) 46:50 - (DESCRIPTION) Naruto Shippuuden Unreleased Song 7 - Akatsuki Theme 2 - Ritual [BEST] - Link to Nick Gostone’s video - 48:43 - Road to Ninja soundtrack - Spiral (Used for Project Tsuki no Me) 50:13 - Girei (Used for Pain) 52:22 - Maisou (Used for Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan’s backstory, this theme always makes me think of them) 57:37 - Sai theme song - Link to Radu Bilec’s video - (Used for Sasori, this theme first appears when he reveals his true face) 58:59 - Despair (Used for Sasori, first appears during his backstory) 1:00:56 - Obito’s Theme (Used for Obito, obviously. I think this is a great way to end the mix, because the Akatsuki started off as a group intended to bring peace but got perverted along the way) I hope you enjoyed this video, I also hope you can understand why I left out a few themes like, scene of disaster, man of the world, and a few others, is because those themes were used so much I didn’t find them necessary and I didn’t want to make the video too long, I also have plenty of mixes with those themes already in them, which I will try and upload now that copyright seems to not block Shippuden music, here’s hoping. Have a good one 😃
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