27 Words You Will Only Hear in NEW YORK CITY

Every city has a unique stash of secret code language reserved only for its people. These are the words that you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else. And New Yorkers aren’t shy when it comes to creating their very own lingo with unique slang words for the English language. On this video, I will take you across the multitude of cultures that exist throughout this loud, boisterous, and diverse city so you can get a healthy dose of the different types of slang you will encounter when you hit the streets. With a little preparation and a little bit of practice, you will become a pro at New York lingo in no time! So without further delay, here are 27 words you will only hear in New York City. ********* IMAGE ATTRIBUTIONS BODEGA 1. Untitled by Bryan Pocius - CC BY 2.0 - Flickr 2. “Bodega Window” by S Smith - CC BY 2.0 - Flickr 3. “bodega style bacon egg and cheese” by Will - CC BY-SA 2.0 - Flickr 4. “store clerk” by Brian Fountain - CC BY 2.0 - Flickr 5. “Brooklyn Street Scenes - Bodega on Smith Street and Union
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