Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Moment | 1901 Film Version [ 60 fps]

54 years before Marilyn, there was Florence Georgie! Here’s the 1901 film inspiration for Marilyn Monroe’s white dress moment in the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch. Enhanced using AI neural networks, to 4k 60 fps. “What Happened on 23rd Street“ starred actress Florence Georgie and actor A.C. Abadie. The original print was all of 77 seconds in duration and in extremely poor condition Shown to theater audiences as an ’actuality’ or a true event, audiences of the day were no doubt convinced it was authentic and thought the ribald ending to be hilarious ( the men at least). It was of course staged. The plot, such as, entailed a young man escorting a young lady down a busy New York street. Both talking earnestly, the couple walk over an air shaft, causing the young lady’s skirts to suddenly bellow up to an unreasonable height. A simple staged prank, amusing pedestrians, and later a wide movie going public.
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