Freyja ( Ritual & Meditation Music ) *without waterfall*

Written & Composed By : Shane Lint of Mimirs Well © 2021 Shane Lint - Mimir’s Well USA. All Rights Reserved. You all asked for it so here it is , The Freyja meditation without the Waterfall. This meditation was created to focus on Freyja , The Norse Goddess associated with magick who was also Vanir which are Gods associated mostly with nature and creation. She represents perfect Divine Feminine energy that is not just felt by females but males also. She has her own hall where the battle slain warriors will go to find peace. Hail Freyja . P.S - Vocals by @Tihanamusic - S O U L P A C I F I C A #MimirsWell #MimirsWellPodcast #Freyja #Meditation #Norse #NorseGoddess #Heathenry #NorsePaganism
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