4 Simple, Everyday Habits To Improve Your English... Every Day!

Daily English habits made easy. Check out Hey Lady! 👉 an online community for women learning English! (more details below) In this lesson, I’ll share four simple, daily habits you should be doing every day to improve your English and make it part of your everyday routine. I’ve shared some different ideas to help you practise your listening, pronunciation, speaking, writing skills, every day! But don’t worry, I’ve deliberately kept this simple and achievable - it’s all about building good, regular habits and working towards. your English goals. 🏅 Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here: ---------- TIMESTAMPS ---------- 0:00 Introduction 01:03 Hey Lady! 01:56 Habit 1 04:40 Habit 2 07:33 Habit 3 08:58 Habit 4 12:04 Final tips! #mmmEnglish #StudyTips #EnglishHabits #DailyHabits #EnglishTips #EnglishPractice #BetterEnglish #H
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