YORIICHI【 縁壱 】🏮 Powerful Trap & Bass Type Beats 🏮 Trapanese Lofi Hip Hop Mix

“My brother, is your dream to become the strongest samurai in the land? I want to be like you. I... want to become the second strongest samurai.“ Save our Spotify playlist of Samurai Trap & Bass Type Beat - Please Subscribe to my channel to get the best Japanese Trap & Type beat Mix ➤ Turn on notification for the fastest access to my new weekly uploads _ _ _ _ _ Tracklist: 悪鬼(Akki) - Sakerenai Thunder Monk - Raging Storm 悪鬼(Akki) - Hajimeru Thunder Monk - Falling Star 悪鬼(Akki) - Asurui Thunder Monk - Ogre 悪鬼(Akki) - Maeru Thunder Monk - Mishima 悪鬼(Akki) - Yugen Thunder Monk - Shimazu Thunder Monk - Deadly Technique Thunder Monk - Duel Exyz, SENZO - Ayame Exyz, SENZO, Cyouka Ogata - Rengoku Exyz, SENZO, KiRiKo - Anshin Exyz, SENZO, Momokusu Iwata - KANEDA Exyz, 悪鬼(Akki)
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