Nirvana - More Than Rare (Full album HQ)

Some Nirvana song compilations from an unknown record label 1. about a girl 0:09 An alternate version of the ’Bleach’ album classic; 1989 2. polly 2:50 An early studio take, electric rather than acoustic; 1989 3. spank thru 5:26 The ’Bleach’ album outtake, here in a re-recorded format; 1989 4. in bloom 8:36 The first version, recorded and mixed by butch vig; 1990 5. love buzz 13:04 A re-recording of the debut single, produced by ted de bono; 1989 6. dive 16:17 Dive into this remix, done at smart studios, Madison; 1990 7. lithium 20:03 Well the other five didn’t cut it, so this is ’Takesix’; 1990 8. sappy 24:24 The last take on the vig demo, lets go, roll tape butch; 1990 9. pay to play 27:51 As well as this, the original version of ’stay away’; 1990 10. immodlum 31:18 The garbageman also caught this early version of ’breed’; 1990 11. polly 34:25 Whilst at butchs’ studio they cut an acoustic take; 1990 12. drain you 37:15 The same goes for this one with a great gothic middle; 1991 13. lounge act 41:18 Rare liv
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