Fastest Freestyle Swimming Technique - High Octane

Have you ever noticed everyone that swims the 50 freestyle in the Olympics has a very similar swim technique? It’s not a coincidence that the fastest way we (currently) know how to swim is with a straight or nearly straight arm recovery. Obviously there are consequences to this technique as it drains energy very quickly. In this video Olympic finalist Brad Tandy demonstrate how to get the most coupling energy out of the freestyle recovery while head coach Devin takes the campers through a series of swim drills in order for them to learn this technique for the first time. The length and speed of the straight recovering arm adds significant power to the pulling arm and kick. This requires a very aggressive and fast body rotation that amplifies or ’couples’ the energy giving yourself the optimal performance. If you like this video be sure to sign up for our online subscription where we have 100’s of exclusive videos covering all aspects of competitive swimming including;
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