How To Use Sadhguru As A Tool Or Doorway | Guru Purnima | Sadhguru On Full Moon Day

Sadhguru on guru purnima full moon 2021 explain how to use sadhguru as a tool or doorway and how to make use of guru to enhance clarity in life. #gurupurnima #sadhguru #sadhgurugurupurnima All The Graphics Used in This Video is created by Me in Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects With the help of Various Effects. The purpose of This video is to demonstrate and create a creatively unique vision and giving new meaning. I’ve transformed the original work by adding My own unique value such as Change The Video background with luma Key & Chroma Key, added high-quality edits, special effects, to create completely new, original video. Videos are designed to give minimum plot details and to create hype and anticipation. These are derivative works as defined by the United States Copyright Act 17 . § 101. If you think this video helps you please share to your friends and family members or someone who need this. Subscribe to Sadhguru On and click on the bell icon to get regular updates
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