World’s FIRST ever game of Chord Progression Ping Pong | David Bennett Piano & Bryn Bliska

What do you get when you get two of the world’s most talented music theory chord voicing geniuses and set them down at a ping pong table to volley chords back and forth? What you get is awesome collections of advanced chords that you can now use in your own chord progressions! YouTube sensation @David Bennett Piano met up with artist/producer @Bryn Bliska while she was on tour in the UK in @Jacob Collier’s band. They both brought their A-game to the table and the result are three amazing Chord Sets that are now part of Chord Sequencer, the latest Player MIDI Effect included in Reason . If you want to use these three Chord Sets, simply get Chord Sequencer and Reason (details below)! A HUGE thank you to David and Bryn for being a part of this video. Go and check out their channels: David: @David Bennett Piano Bryn: @Bryn Bliska #reasongang ------ HOW TO GET CHORD SEQUENCER ------ Learn more about Chord Sequencer: Chord Sequencer is included as part of a Reason subscription which you can sign up for at . You can get your first month for just $1. If you already own Reason and would like to buy a Chord Sequencer license, you can do that too at Chord Sequencer will sell in the Shop for $69 / €74 BUT until July 13 you can get your hands on it for just $49 / €54!
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