SNT Live! - Miitopia Returns! Part 8

SNT here, your everyday escaped experiment! We’re going back to Miitopia after taking a bit of a break from it. --- Thanks for tuning in! Please respect these following rules so that everyone can have a good time: -DO NOT SPAM -Do not beg for attention. I don’t do random shout-outs. -Do not be unnecessarily rude to me or anyone in chat. -Overly-sexual comments will get you timed out. -If I don’t see your message, don’t take it personally. There’s a lot of people here so things will be missed. --- SNT 3D model by (slight nsfw warning) BG music created by Victor McKnight Check out the merch! Check out my Patreon for previews of upcoming projects: #Vtuber #SonicOC #ProjectSNT
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