[FNaF] Knife Party Mega Mashup Collab - YingYang48

“After over 2 years in the making, the ultimate Knife Party collaboration is completely finished! This is Halsey typing this, the person behind the previous collabs. This whole collab has been a giant oddball of effort. What I thought seemed to be an over-ambitious project ended up being one of my proudest creations. It’s finally a relief to say that this collaboration can now be witnessed on TF’s youtube channel for everyone to enjoy. It’s been an amazing journey to be able to get so many people (whether they finished their parts or not) to be able to join the project and try their hardest to get the most out of the audio we gave them. After a few months back I made the decision that I would let TF and my brother Obnoxious B take over the project to get it finished, due to the project reaching a state of incompletion. Against all my beliefs, they were able to pull the collab through and bring it out of development hell. I’m really grateful to know I had so many dedicat
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