Tai Chi Push Hands and Sticky Poles

Taiji Pushing hands is one kind of sparring event by two persons. It is practical in combat & good for health. It is also a training approach for Taiji quan exercises to improve skills. This technique is developed according to kinetic principles to lure the opponent to lose balance & fall down by sticking to the opponent’s hands, following his move up & down during which it is the skill, not the force that is mainly relied on. The taiji Gluing Poles is the extention from the Taijiquan, and it is a method to improve taiji gong with the degree of difficulty. Master Bingci Li was born in Tongxian County, Beijing in 1929. In 1958, he won the Excellent Award at the National Conference; At 1st National Game of China in 1959, he won the fourth place for Tai Chi Chuan; In 1977 & 1987, he was the headcoach for PRC National Team; In 1985, he was appointed as the Vice President of Tokyo Taiji Quan Association; In 1987, he was appointed as the judge for the National Wushu Academic Symposium. Li is
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