How to paint a RED PEONY by a flat brush, Onestroke, Tutorial

My name is Irina Lyamshina. In this video you will see how I paint a red peony. I paint by flat brushes. The technique of painting is called “One stroke“ or “Double stroke“. You will need: ✔flat brushes 16, 10, 6; ✔ round brushes 1, 3; ✔acrylic paint or tempera paint; ✔ paper with density 160 g / m² #howtopaint #peony #ONESTROKE #Painting #Tutorial --------------------------------------------------- ✨You can buy prints of my work ✨ --------------------------------------------------- 💙💚💜💛🧡 If you paint this image and post it on SOCIAL MEDIA then please add my Channel link @Painting_with_Irina_Lyamshina 💙💚💜💛🧡
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