Нежная лечебная музыка здоровья и для успокоения нервной системы, глубокого релакса - Музыка Rest And Recovery - Pleasurable State Of Mind - Soothing Relaxation - Relaxing Music - Meditation

This meditation music helps us relieve stress, promote rest and recovery and induce delta brainwaves. Due to a modern lifestyle, many of us don’t produce enough of these delta brainwaves naturally. As a consequence, our body and mind have difficulties receiving the rest that it needs, and this manifests in many problems such as chronic fatigue, slow healing rates, sleep disorders, and more. This binaural healing music is a natural way for us to help us heal ourselves, and relieve stress that accumulates throughout the day. This video uses so many frequencies that I can’t list them all here. If you are interested in this information, you can open the audio with a spectrogram. Delta waves are the slowest of all and are defined as having a pulse modulation frequency range between 0-4 Hz. We experience these brainwaves naturally when we are in the deepest of sleep or meditative states. These brainwaves send signals throughout the body to stimulate healing, and healthy neuro-chemistry and as a result are v
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