Aa Be Ja Ab Aa Be Ja Mery Gohar

1 Purification of the heart 2. A reminder against forgetfulness 3. Physical health 4. War against the enemies of Allah SWT 5. The propagation of religion 6. Remedies against Satan 7. Remedies against the Nafs (self) 8. Inclination towards Allah SWT. 9. Hatred towards that which does not relate to Allah SWT 10. The lifting of the veils between man and Allah SWT For more detail visit or visit and for videos visit HH rags or ASI PAK first method for producing light. Write Allah on a paper in black ink, and do this exercise for as long as you wish on a daily basis. Soon thereafter, the Word Allah will be transported from the paper and hover over the eyes. Then with one-pointed concentration, attempt to transport the word from the eyes to the heart. second method for producing light. Write Allah on a zero watt bulb, in yellow. Whilst you are awake or just before sleep, concentrate and try to absorb it into the eyes. When it appears on the eyes then try to transpor
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