Xiu Xiu Makes the Most Horrendous Synth Sounds Humanly Possible

Toting an extensive range of sonic machines, experimental group Xiu Xiu’s driving members Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart recently paid a visit to our studio to give us a lesson on intentionally crafting “the most disgusting sounds” possible. With their eclectic assortment of test equipment oscillators, a towering Eurorack modular system, effects pedals, and more, prepare your eardrums to be blessed (or barraged, depending on your inclination for harsh electronic sounds) by the pummeling frequencies contained in this video. With some of our favorite pieces like the Make Noise DPO, Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, and the aptly named Total Sonic Annihilation from Death by Audio, Angela and Jamie show off a few setups for building up immensely destructive audio. Their valuable insight into curating feedback and noise with intention offers plenty of valuable tips and considerations for prospective explorers of the unpredictable and harsher worlds of sound design. Read our article with Xiu Xiu: https://www.
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