The Beatles - Reunion at Friar Park, June 23rd 1994 [Complete]

Hi everyone, this is my reconstruction of all the footage taken of Paul, Ringo, and George on June 23rd 1994 during their reunion at Friar Park. I have collected all the interview clips from the main Anthology series as well as the bonus DVD, as well as utilizing all available footage for the acoustic jams and the ukelele session. Blue Moon of Kentucky also contains multicams I have created using two different edits. Enjoy! (I am not fully certain the home movie at the start is actually June 23rd as well, but I have gotten this date from every source I have looked into, and all three seem to be wearing similar clothing) Track Listing: 1. Reunion Home Movie shot by Ringo / Paul 0:00 2. Riding in George’s Sports Car 0:56 3. Group Interviews 1:30 4. Acoustic Session: - Raunchy 15:20 - Thinking of Linking 16:58 - Blue Moon of Kentucky 18:25 - Unknown(?) 19:31 5. Outdoor Ukelele Session: - Baby What You Want Me To Do 19:38 - I Will 21:26 - Dehra
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