How Putin’s WAR STRATEGY is KILLING Europe and US? : War Strategy Case study ( Russia vs Europe)

Invest your money through Dezerv: VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Ever since the Russia-Ukraine war started, it has Erupted a critical economic war between Russia, Europe, and the united states! While on one side, Russia took its forces into Ukraine and started capturing territories, the US and Europe imposed heavy sanctions to cripple the Russian economy!! Russian goods were banned, Billion dollar businesses like MCD and Zara quit the Russian markets, Russia is banned from the swift network, their forex has been frozen and the west even started forcing other nations to stop trading with Russia!! So with the opposition of the most powerful country on the planet and the European Union, it was expected that Putin will withdraw from Ukraine and Russia will accept defeat due to the economic turmoil!! But you know what, although Russia got affected, Putin has played the Game of Thrones of Geopolitics so well that now Europe is facing an economic crisis!!
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