How to draw a butterfly, easy drawing for kids

Today we will learn how to draw a butterfly. If you enjoyed our video please subscribe to our channel for more: Materials for the lesson: Paper Black marker Colored pencils, or markers, or crayons More art projects at I teach different art techniques and tell interesting facts about the objects we are painting at each lesson. About our channel: Welcome to Creofun! Every week I’m posting easy fun drawing lessons for kids. I want every child to find empowerment and to be inspired through art, to be free to experiment and invent new ways of thinking. Follow us on Instagram for art tips and giveaways- Materials that we recommend: Gel Crayons - Black Sharpie- Hope you enjoyed the lesson! Let’s do happy art together! #easydrawingforkids, #drawingforbeginners #drawinglessonsforkids #creofun, #stepbystepdrawing #drawing #funlessons #handmadebirthdaycard #cuteanimals #ani
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