Madmans Esprit - 이분법 [Official Video]

From the single “Mismatch“ October 31st 2023 Release Tracklist 2.이분법 ’tknowwhoIambutthesexgoeson - Merchandise pre-order available right now at - Directed and edited by 叫號 Video taken by Kyungho Sohn Hair and make-up by Hyura - 스스로에게 구역질이 나와 어딘가 망가진 나라해도 질척질척 죄악감이 느껴집니다 자궁속에서는 없었을 도덕 self-murder 휘말리 듯 짊어지게 된 생존본능 애정을 갈망하며 불평불만 구3
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