FNAF Security Breach Daycare Theme but its the bite of ’27

EDIT: The song is composed by Allen Simpson, not Leon Riskin. Still wondering why the generators are inside the play place... Got on the FNAFSB craze lately, and I am enjoying it! My FNAF phase came back lol The pretty sundrop art on my computer screen is made by @axolotlang, go support them! ❤ Huge thanks to all the people that played with me in this arrangement, these folks are really skillful and they deserve some love! ♥ Violin - PitTan () Clarinet - Steven Higbee () Trumpet - Tyler Mire () Trombone - Dewey Newt () Upright Bass - Andy-Ru () Tuba - JohnStacy () Drums - Jesse Myers () 💖 Support me on Patreon for exclusive content!: ☕ Support me on Ko-fi!: 🎷Join my Discord Server: 🎼 Stream or Download this song: Oh my, this arrangement is so fun to play! Tho arranging this can be pretty hard because this is the first time I arranged a song in a traditional jazz style. The hardest part of this is getting the players to complement each other since pulling Collective Improvisation remotely is really hard. My way of handling this is to have the lead player record first (in this case, the Trumpet), then the rest can create energy off of that. It sounded great when it all came together, and I am really proud of this. I’ve been inspired by The 8-Bit Big Band arranging iconic FNAF songs into this style. And I love them so much!!!! In arranging perspective, I did a gospel approach in harming this. The most notable reharm is the I - I7 - IV - IVm, which I really love. Thank you all so much for watching this video and I hope you liked it! I’ll see you at the next one! ♥ Support me! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Bandcamp: Spotify: Carrd (MUSIC COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!): Video Editing, Mixing, and Mastering by: Ruscel Torres “Daycare Theme“ Composed by: Allen Simpson** Arrangement by: Ruscel Torres For Business Purposes: imruscelmusic@ #fnafsb #daycaretheme #jazzcover
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