Rabbit falls but can’t get up

Pipkin rabbit doing a cute rabbit video for rabbit Life Alert. In the rabbit video, the rabbit falls eating (doing a rabbit ASMR or rabbit eating ASMR video), falls in the bathroom while making a rabbit poop, and falls eating outside. Pipkin is very graceful but sometimes his feet get tangled or, more likely, he wants to make a rabbit falling video. Also, the rabbit likes sleeping in the sun, probably rabbit dreaming of making a rabbit eating video or rabbit asmr video, or dreaming that his humans will make a surrounding a sleeping rabbit video or waking a sleeping rabbit video so he can eat a delicious banana! But when Pipkin rabbit wakes up, he gets stuck because the bunny wedged himself between two pieces of slippery wood! When the indoor rabbit sleeps, the rabbit dreams of eating. Pipkin rabbit eats, runs, and jumps in his dream, and his sleeping body does the same. After the indoor rabbit falls asleep, we wanted to prank the rabbit by surrounding him with grapes because he enjoyed our rab
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