Rockets - Atomic (1982, Official Video)

Rockets Official Website: The Rockets (or Les Rockets) are a legendary space rock band formed in Paris in 1974. They were the brainchild of producer Claude Lemoine. The classic formation included Christian Le Bartz (vocals), Alain Maratrat (guitar and keyboards), “Little“ Gérard L’Her (bass and vocals), Fabrice Quagliotti (keyboards) and Alain Groetzinger (drums and percussion). They sold millions of records and had a string of hits such as “On the Road Again“ (an inspired re-make of the Canned Heat song), “Galactica“, “Future Woman“, “Electric Delight“, “Space Rock“ and “Ideomatic“ (most composed by L’Her and Maratrat). Unlike their German contemporaries in electronic rock (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Popol Vuh), the Rockets were a massive live act, famous for their spaceman costumes and silver make-up and for appearing in stadium venues with futuristic flying-saucer stage sets and laser
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