How To Draw A Face, 10 Flat Design Characters in 10 Minutes, Speed Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to draw a face in Adobe Illustrator. Enjoy the 10 flat characters in the flat design style in 10 minutes. ;) ***************** If you want to support the channel, you can do that here: ➜ ***************** BEST ONLINE COURSES I RECOMMEND These are courses from which I have learned a lot and which I recommend. Almost all courses are in Spanish, but you have English subtitles, so it’s easy to follow. Check out the best sources that you can find online. 1) SOFTWARES ***************** Introduction to After Effects ➜ Introduction to Adobe Photoshop ➜ Introduction to Adobe Illustrator ➜ Introduction to Procreate ➜ 2) CHARACTER DESIGN ***************** Illustrated Characters Factory ➜ Digital Painting for Characters: Color and Light ➜ 3) ANIMATION
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