Talking to Rengoku on his last minutes alive ll A slowed playlist {Demon Slayer}

Open me (✿◕‿◕✿) Spotify playlist: My Spotify playlist: Come here. Finally, let’s talk a little. I will die soon. I’ll talk while I’m talking, so listen. I want my younger brother, Senjuro, to tell him to follow the path that he thinks is right. I want my father to take good care of his body. Then there is the boy. I believe in your sister. Recognized as a member of the demon slaughter corps. On the train, I saw the girl shedding blood and protecting humans. Those who fight demons for their lives and protect people are members of the demon slaughter corps, no matter who or what they say. Be proud and live! No matter how much I am overwhelmed by my weakness and awkwardness. Burn your heart. Even if you clench your teeth and turn to the front and you stop and grab, the flow of time will not stop. Don’t be sad to snuggle up together. Don’t worry about me dying here. If it is a pillar, it is natural that
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