🎀How to make boutique hair bows - Hair bow holder - How to make hair bows for girls - 🎀 - #4

Hi! Welcome to my channel! Here I post tutorials on making beautiful hair bows from ribbons. I show how to make hair bows with ribbon step by step. Easy to repeat for your hairstyle or for your child’s hairstyle. Baby headbands, bulk Hair Bows, how to make boutique hair bows, hair bow holder, how to make hair bows for girls, velcro hair bows bows for kids, hair clips and much more. This is my video tutorial for you! This is a simple tutorial on making an Amazing hair bow from ribbon. You can use any other ribbon colors. List of materials needed to make this bow: ✔️ Ribbon 1 pcs 26 cm * 4 cm ✔️ Ribbon 1 pcs 24 cm * 4 cm ✔️ Ribbon 1 pcs 23 cm * 4 cm ✔️ Ribbon 1 pcs 6 cm * 4 cm for the middle of the bow ✔️ Hot glue gun ✔️ Hair pins ✔️ Needle with thread ✔️ Hair clip size 5.5 cm * 1 cm ✔️ Lighter ✔️ Ruller Please support my channel by clicking on the “like“ and “subscribe“ buttons!) Don’t forget to hit the “bell“ button) Thank you for watching and check back later for new contents! #hairbows#RibbonBow#tutorial #ribbon #diy#pap#handmade
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