Sea of Sin - The Remixes II (CD) - Promotion Video

We have created a Promotion Video for the upcoming CD “The Remixes II“ which will be released March 19th! All featured 17 songs will be played as short extracts. As a SPECIAL BONUS we asked the Artists & Remixers involved to send us short Videos in which they talk about their work, their creative approach and the thoughts about their Remix. So in the end we have gathered 8 Video fearures by other artists, including (in running order): - Rob Dust - Gary Watts (Nature of Wires) - Richard Silverthorn (Mesh) - Mikael Engström (Covered in Snow) - Andrew Montgomery (Unify Separate) - Myles & Kyle Mendes (Nite) - Rotoskop - Emma Barson & Dorian Gramm (Promenade Cinema) We really hope you will find these features as entertaining as we do - THANKS AGIN to all Artists and Remixers involved in this release! Music is the universal language - without boundaries! The CD can be pre-ordered here: =cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_P68M18WZ5F48MTZ20F7H P
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