Charles Manson - Unplugged sessions Vol 1 (1967-9-11) 🇺🇸 sociopath folk rock

I wanna ask a question for our older subscribers: Did you meet any psychopaths in the 60s-70s? (It does not have to be a Charles Manson but similar) I have met at least two in actual era, one of them was in prison too (now is free :/). Manson was a sociopath, but at the end is very similar to a psychopath, and the only reason I upload this album is to remember that despite in modern era there are more psychos and narcisists, in that era too and in the case of Manson he used the culture of the moment to manipulate a lot of people and make terryfying things maybe comin’ soon to buffalo roam blog but not is my priority Music not sounds bad at all despite he is not a talented musician, maybe is cause he is a sociopath, that means he has emotions, perturbated emotions but emotions, for a psycho is more difficult to be creative because they havn’t developed the part of brain which is needed to process emotions, but is not impossible for them as they can put a mask of every person and imitate it original video by Black operations who was the person who originally uploaded it, I only re-uploaded the literally album this time cause I will not edit it and upload to the blog 01. Sick City: 0:00 02. Run for Fun: 2:42 03. Clang Bang Clang: 5:52 04. Home is Where You’re Happy: 7:50 05. Monkey/Lock & Loll: 9:26 06. Ego is a Too Much Thing: 12:20 07. Now is the Time: 15:00 08. The House of Tomorrow: 17:28 09. Close to Me: 18:58 10. She Done Turned Me In: 23:12 11. Twighlight Blues: 24:28 12. Your Daddy’s Home: 25:54 wtf 9-11.. what a coincidence, that could be an argument for the people who thing that Manson really worked for CIA to end the hippie movement, its possible (doesn’t matter if is september or november for illuminati has the same meaning power numbers combination) interesante post en Español sobre la historia de Manson I recommend ’’Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’’ ’’mindhunter’’ and ’’aquarius’’ as recent good nam era films which took this topic Another point is the female nature, we can think that thanks to his manipulative nature he manipulated many women to be with him, but the truth is that he does not need any special manipulation, they will always love guys on the brink of psychopathy, it happened at the era and it happens today too. Also say that sociopathy is a very wide world, there are many types of sociopaths, most of them bad, others not so much, but Manson in particular was the type that was like psychopaths PWVA Psychedelic Wars Veterans of America is an association to take care about psychedelic warfare veterans, space psych marines, stargate proyect and mk ultra victims during 1957 to 1983 FAIR USE “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use“ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.“ I am not own the rights to this album, I use it only for promitional-cultural use , if the video was a copyright problem I will immediately delete it
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