ALL Mitski songs playing at the same time (2012–2022)

Includes all official releases with Mitski as the main artist or one of the main artists (96 songs in total): LUSH (2012) Liquid Smooth Eric Brand New City Real Men Wife Abbey Bag of Bones Door Pearl Diver Retired from Sad, New Career in Business (2013) Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart Shame Because Dreaming Costs Money, My Dear Humpty Circle I Want You Square Strawberry Blond Class of 2013 Square (Solo Piano Version) Shame (Jammin’ Out Solo Version) Bury Me at Makeout Creek (2014) Texas Reznikoff Townie First Love/Late Spring Francis Forever I Don’t Smoke Jobless Monday Drunk Walk Home I Will Carry Me Out Last Words of a Shooting Star I Want You (Live at WNYU The Sound Between) Francis Forever (Live at WNYU The Sound Between) Last Words of a Shooting Star (Live at WNYU The Sound Between) Mitski on Audiotree Live EP (2015) I Don’t Smoke Class of 2013 Last Words of a Shooting Star Liquid Smooth Pearl Diver Puberty 2 (2016) Happy Dan the Dancer Once More to See You Fireworks Your Best American Girl I Bet on Losing Dogs My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars Thursday Girl A Loving Feeling Crack Baby A Burning Hill Fireproof I’m a Fool to Want You Be the Cowboy (2018) Geyser Why Didn’t You Stop Me Old Friend A Pearl Lonesome Love Remember My Name Me and My Husband Come into the Water Nobody Pink in the Night A Horse Named Cold Air Washing Machine Heart Blue Light Two Slow Dancers Geyser (Demo Version) Why Didn’t You Stop Me (Hoji Tea Version) This Is Where We Fall EP (2021) The Baddy Man The Beginning The End Laurel Hell (2022) Valentine, Texas Working for the Knife Stay Soft Everyone Heat Lightning The Only Heartbreaker Love Me More There’s Nothing Left for You Should’ve Been Me I Guess That’s Our Lamp Valentine, Texas (Demo Version) Love Me More (Demo Version) Stay Soft (Acoustice Version) Glide Other tracks: Have Yourself a Mitsuki Little Christmas Christmas Time Is Here Tonight You Belong to Me (with Sean McVerry) Ego (with M. Roosevelt) Nightcall (with M. Roosevelt) Happy Birthday Let’s Get Married Between the Breaths (with Xiu Xiu) Cop Car This Is a Life (with Son Lux and David Byrne) This Is a Life (Extended) (with Son Lux and David Byrne) Playlist of other chaotic Mitski compilations: Playlist of all rare Mitski songs: Playlist of my Mitski song edits:
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