The definite and indefinite articles in Greek | Omilo

This lesson is part of the Speaking Greek Starter Kit “Everyday Greek Language“, Info at With this video you will learn the 3 articles in Greek (masculine, feminine, neuter) Hope you are enjoying this lesson, and bring it in practice while visiting Greece :) With the Greek Speaking Starter Kit… a. you will learn useful vocabulary and only those things you need or hear on a daily basis while visiting Greece b. every lesson introduces particular grammar structures, essential to construct sentences, and make yourself understandable. You will get a lot of practical examples and explanations with small videos c. you will be motivated to start speaking Greek and you will lose your fear of making mistakes Through many videos taken in Greece, you will get the feeling as if you are holidaying in Greece Every multi-media module (ebooks, audio, video) , in total 7, gives to you shortcuts to start speaking Gre
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