🔴 REPLAY:  @Red Bull BC One World Final 2022 🗽New York

Back to the birthplace of breaking to compete for the world title 🏆 This year’s Red Bull BC One World Final heads to New York City! 🗽 Check out the lineup of breakers facing off to compete for the top spot 👇👇👇 🕺 B-BOYS: Amir, Alvin, Illz, Lee, Issin, Lil Zoo, Lorenzo, Marlone, Mighty Jimm, Mini Joe, Phil Wizard, Quake, Victor, Wigor, Wildchild, Yu-Ki 💃 B-GIRLS: Logistx, Alessandrina, Anti, Carlota, Emma, Freshbella, India, Isis, Kimie, Luma, Paulina, Sunny, Swami, Vanessa, Yuika, 671 See what went down 👇 0:00:00 Intro 0:10:35 TOP 16 B-BOYS 0:11:20 Alvin vs. Quake 0:17:07 Lorenzo vs Issin 0:23:07 Mighty Jim vs Amir 0:29:46 Illz vs. Lee 0:35:39 Wildchild vs. Lil Zoo 0:42:56 Yu-Ki vs Wigor 0:48:16 Mini Joe vs. Phil Wizard 0:53:08 Victor vs Marlone 0:58:31 OUTRO B-BOYS 1:00:21 TOP 16 B-GIRLS 1:03:11 671 vs Alessandrina 1:09:16 Isis vs. Vanessa 1:14:46 Swami vs. Carlota 1:20:36 Luma vs. India 1:26:16 Freshbella vs. Sunny 1:31:51 Paulina vs. Kimie 1:37:36 Anti vs Yuika 1:43:16 Emma vs Logistx 1:49:21 OUTRO B-GIRLS | BATTLE BRACKET B-GIRLS 1:50:14 ALIEN NESS INTERVIEW 1:52:11 Lilou Interview 1:57:31 REPLAY B-GIRLS 1:57:59 Content Piece 2:00:07 RAKIM SHOW 2:04:26 Content Piece 2:06:04 INTRO TOP 8 B-GIRLS 2:06:31 671 vs Vanessa 2:12:51 India vs Swami 2:20:18 Kimie vs Sunny 2:25:51 Logistx vs Anti 2:31:43 BATTLE BRACKET B-GIRLS 2:32:16 TRANSITION 2:32:40 INTRO TOP 8 B-BOYS 2:33:01 Alvin vs. Issin 2:39:58 Amir vs Lee 2:46:33 Lil zoo vs Yu-Ki 2:52:11 Phil Wizard vs Victor 2:57:15 BATTLE BRACKET B-BOYS 2:57:34 TRANSITION 2:58:14 INTRO TOP 4 B-GIRLS 2:59:00 671 vs India 3:05:37 Logistx vs Sunny 3:10:43 BATTLE BRACKET B-GIRLS 3:10:58 INTRO TOP 4 B-BOYS 3:11:49 Issin vs. Lee 3:19:17 Victor vs. Yu-Ki 3:25:04 BATTLE BRACKET B-BOYS 3:25:21 JABBAWOCKEEZ | PERFORMANCE 3:32:49 B-GIRL FINAL BATTLE 3:44:46 Transition 3:45:19 B-BOY FINAL BATTLE 3:57:16 OUTRO Red Bull BC One World Final 2022 is powered by Technics. Want more breaking? Check out these clips 👇👇👇 This year’s Red Bull BC One Cyphers here: Watch last year’s Red Bull BC One Cyphers too: ---- ► Click to Subscribe to Red Bull BC One: Giving wings to dancers and fans of b-boying and b-girling around the world 🌏 Whether you’re a fan of footwork, freezes, power moves or flow, whatever your style, it’s good to have you in the breaking scene. Let us know what style of breaking you rock with in the comments below! 👇 Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #redbullbcone #redbull #breaking #givesyouwiiings
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