Knuckle Puck - Breathe feat. Derek Sanders (Official Music Video)

Knuckle Puck’s “Breathe“ featuring Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade comes from their new album ’20/20’ - out September 18th! Pre-order/stream here: LYRICS If this is what you want I’ll show you what you get For taking higher roads with a cooler head Instead of weighing outcomes incessantly (they go on and on) I wanna follow through it doesn’t matter how I wanna breathe the air and not just to let it out Instead of playin’ off the cuff Just breathe If the world has opened up beneath your feet And you’re pushing daisies up from underneath When all you need is just beyond your reach Just don’t forget to breathe Tough times ahead and that’s ok Exhale but don’t blow out the flame Choked up for lack of better phrase Gasping for air Buckle up cause you’re gonna feel it in the chest We’re due to decompress Fill your lungs and hope we’re even Sport a smile like you don’t know what comes
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