6000 Steps Challenge - Walk At Home

For this week’s video, we are back with a new challenge! Exciting right? Here’s the 6000 steps challenge, it’s a walking exercise you can do from home on your own or with friends and family. Feel free to hit the notifications button to never miss any of our videos, please subscribe to the channel if you want to receive new video workouts every week! If you liked the workout, make sure to leave me a comment below and share it with your friends! Good luck! ❤💪 00:07 Side Steps 00:46 Square Walk 01:05 Side Steps 01:43 Square Walk 02:02 Double Steps 02:41 Side Steps 03:19 Square Walk 03:38 Double Steps 04:17 Front Legs 04:55 Side Steps 05:34 Square Walk 05:53 Double Steps 06:31 Front Legs 07:10 Arm Reach 07:48 Side Steps 08:26 Square Walk 08:46 Double Steps 09:24 Front Legs 10:02 Arm Reach 10:41 Mini Side Lunge 11:19 Side Steps 11:58 Square Walk 12:17 Double Steps 12:55 Front Legs
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